Value for Products and Services

Build credibility and get a seat at the Decision Maker's table

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You've got a business case to present and you're wondering how best to pitch it. In fact, how do you know you've correctly identified the problem to solve for?
Is the client making a valid request? How do you know you will not end up on a wild goose chase before they change their mind again?
How is the reputation of the technology function? Despite your best efforts are you still seen to be delivering late and below quality?
"Keeping the lights on" and the "trains running on time" is a major challenge still today. There are many reasons for these challenges, but overcoming those obstacles will be a major source of credibility. What to do? 

We believe the potential to steer a clear path and avoid the common obstacles to progress lies within you and your team. That path is "DAMAC"™ :

  • Define Benefit. What's in it for them? Whatever you do, there has to be payback for the recipient of the service, project or idea.
  • Align Outcomes to activities: Ensures that you answer the question "Are we doing the right activities?"
  • Measure Outcomes: The critical ingredient that tests whether we deliver value in concrete terms and hold ALL stakeholders to account.
  • Analyse Root Cause. Rather than attributing blame, let's focus on WHY there is a gap between what's measured and expected.
  • Continuous Improvement. Put in place interventions that stop the problem from occurring again.
The Outcome
Feel sufficiently confident to implement the techniques on finishing the course to build credibility and get a seat at the Decision Maker's table!

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Benefits of applying the workshop techniques

Clarity of Purpose....

  • ...for the technology service and project team.
  • Start sifting between those activities that add value and those that don't.
  • Identify the contributions business peers make to the final outcome.
  • Recognise the fundamental principles.


  •  Demonstrate how Technology contributes to the goals of the company.
  • Challenge assumptions on why an activity ought to be done.

Return On Investment

  • Make "Value" tangible and real for those impacted by IT or Digital.
  • Create meaningful measures that help articulate success.
  • Hold people to account for delivering the outcome (not the activity).


  • Slowly but surely, get the "trains running on time" by continuously targeting those failures that cause derailments to occur.

Value for Products and Services Syllabus

  • Context.

  • Groundhog Day Compared to a Day of Strategic Partnerships.

  • Credibility Through Continuous Improvement.

  • Value Lifecycle.

  • Implementation.

  • Value Proposition Template.

  • Values and Establishing Benefits.

  • Sample and Templates.

  • Influence Competencies

  • Influence Journey

  • Self Awareness

  • Communication Techniques

  • Engagement Styles

  • Checklists and Tips

  • Define Metrics That Demonstrate Delivery of Business Outcomes.

  • Outcome Measurement Framework.

  • Examples and Ideas.

  • Measure Metrics.

  • Case Study.

  • Fishbone Diagram.

  • "Five Whys".

  • Failure Modes and Root Cause.

  • Value Stream Mapping.

  • "TIMWOOD".

  • Brainstorming Tips.

  • Solution Assessment Tips.

Sample video from our training course

This video comes from the section Align Business Outcomes to Activities / "Alignment Template". 



What you get:

Clear framework

Approach oriented towards business outcomes.

Tools you can use

Celebrated by delegates for providing fresh insight into knotty problems.


Exercises either in a workshop format or as an individual exercise. The opportunity for feedback on your work and a true-to-life scenario-based exam!

Reflection and interaction with peers 

The opportunity to stand back and reflect on personal and team performance in a safe environment. Share experiences with the tutor and other delegates.

What we bring:

Thought leadership

Analysis of industry trends and methodologies. Customer-based research and case studies.


Contextual understanding of your challenges, exchange of experience and discussion on how to make changes in your workplace.

Years of experience

All tutors are senior managers who have done similar roles.

Listening and coaching skills

Our workshops and coaching sessions help surface new perspectives on old problems.

  • Focus on customers
  • Identify value (outcome vs output)
  • Measure Value
  • Troubleshoot poor performance
  • Deliver improvement

  • Discuss your requirements with us to see how we can help
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