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Focus on the skills that employers look for

Advance your career and focus on those competencies that employers look for when interviewing - Relationships, Value, Strategy, Portfolio and Organisational Change.

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Transition to a new role

Practice the techniques that make you an indispensable contributor in roles such as Customer Success Manager, Service Manager, Product Manager, Account Manager, Business Partner, Business Analyst and Project Manager

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Gain recognition with our SDBP® Foundation certificate

Discuss previous and current work challenges live with the coach. Take the online exams to demonstrate your expertise in carefully crafted real-life scenarios. Share your experience in online forums. 

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"My objective is to help you be successful in your career. I can do this best by sharing my corporate enterprise experience and the lessons I have learnt in working across teams and planning for the future. These courses and exams represent what I needed to know at the start of my career. You don't have to wait 20 years to find out. You can change now and start with our SDBP® Foundation Coaching Programme. I wish you every success with your future!"

Jon Baxter, Founder and Director Digital Products - Strategic Partnering.

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Courses needed to gain the SDBP® Foundation certificate

  • Earn respect
  • Deal with politics
  • Get your voice heard
  • Understand the real agenda
  •  Plan your influence and persuasion activity

  • Focus on customers
  • Identify value (outcome vs output)
  • Measure Value
  • Troubleshoot poor performance
  • Deliver improvement

  • Define a strategy
  • Communicate a strategy
  •  Populate ideas on your roadmap with innovation tools
  • Build a roadmap
  • Discuss the impact of change with capability maps

Why be a passenger when you can be the driver?

These three courses are your personal development plan for the year. If you demonstrate the skills that the SDBP® Foundation certificate represents, then you can:

  • Gain agreement on challenges, projects, and roles with colleagues and peers so you can make the biggest impact possible in your organisation.

  • Become a credible authority who makes things happen in your organisation.

  • Identify the most valuable activities in your organisation and start achieving your goals easier and quicker.

  • Help executives understand what technology can do for their organisations in a meaningful and insightful way.

These three courses that make up the SDBP® Foundation certificate lay the foundation for your career advancement. This is your opportunity to acquire new skills, boost your chances of promotion and salary increase, and have more options on the job market.

And the best part is, all it takes is 1-2 hours a week to complete each course over four months. 

              What course delegates say....

              Company team

              Osman Ismail, Director, Business Partnership and Digital Transformation

              "Jon's expertise, experience and passion is distilled into this course. It really is well structured offering important insights into the often neglected domain of strategic business partnering. I learnt new thinking, took away templates and enjoyed the delivery of the course as well as the practice exercises with my fellow attendees."

              Company team

              Thierry Ackermann, Interim CTO, CIO and Transformation Leader

              I've participated in all of Jon's 5 courses. They are fantastically accessible and immediately applicable. You'll walk away encouraged that these tried and tested techniques can give you the confidence to make the difference in your day to day work. Thoroughly recommended!

              Company team

              Diksha Vyas, IT Business Partner 

              "Jon shares his experience throughout this intensive course and gave fantastic insight into how we work in organisations - it has inspired an exciting to-do list! I can't recommend the course enough - it gets 10 out of 10!"

              Company team

              Sarah Fogg, Head of IT BRM, Royal Hollaway University

              "Our stakeholders have started to trust us more based on better expectation management and small incremental improvements through the application of principles and approaches taught on the workshops by Baxter Thompson Associates. Fantastic insight!"

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