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  We start our public coaching programme in spring, summer and autumn each year for the SDBP® Foundation Certificate. 

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This is for people who work across technology teams and through people to get stuff done.

  • Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Customer Success Managers

  • Service Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers

  • Architects and IT Business Partners

Coaching Starts Tuesday 10th September

Relationship, Value and Strategy online courses with coaching, a 12-month subscription,  and exams


Services we provide:

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We research latest trends on collaborating in technology. We can share these insights with your team through whitepapers, blog posts, newsletters or directly as a "Lunch and Learn" session hosted virtually.

Be part of our ongoing research or book a Lunch and Learn with us.

We "Sharpen the Saw"

We live in a digital world, have increasing data risk and specific industrial use cases that require specialist integration knowledge and business change. How do we keep pace with this evolving technology and market landscape? We invest our time to ensure that partnering engagement practices remain relevant and strategic.

A broad and deep network

We host up to a meeting a day with colleagues in different industries, countries and domains to inform trends and a company's position in that space. 

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Resource Cover

We can help you  update long-term business plans and technology roadmaps for a business unit; or we can  troubleshoot a stakeholder relationship through targeted consulting-based interventions that provide continuity or extra capacity.

A flexible service

We can either work at the operational level to diagnose and improve performance or at the strategic level to support planning and feasibility. Engagements can last from 6 weeks.

More than a recruiter

 We can help specify job roles, identify candidates, based on an organisation assessment and on our competency model.

We have a broad and deep network of literally 1000's of IT Business Partners in Europe.

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Custom Corporate Training

Enable improvements in your team's  work and achieve specific measurable outcomes that your business stakeholders appreciate. We leverage our framework of five competencies to co-create a specific training and coaching programme to deliver the most relevant and impactful change in your business. 

Partnering Experts

Through our research and many years of practical experience in this domain, we've distilled the lessons learnt into a practical, clear guide on collaborative planning and alignment

Training Specialists

All our training content has been created at the request of corporate clients in response to unfulfilled market needs.

Based on leading edge teaching practices, the format and delivery has been optimised to embed change in your team. 

We are also CPD certified, so you can gain professional development credits

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Public Online Training, Coaching and Certification

For any individual who works at the threshold of enterprise technology services and business units, such as Service Delivery Managers, Project and Product Managers, Customer Success Managers, IT Business Partners, Analysts and Enterprise Architects. These courses provide the broad skills needed to collaborate effectively across teams and plan for the future. 

Practical, Clear and Immediately Useful

Gain the SDBP® certificate through a blended mix of online video tutorials, exercises, case studies, scenario-based exams and group coaching to discuss with peers the challenges faced in your role.

Focus on personal change

With the personal experience of the author infused into the course, learn what it means to apply soft-skills into the intensity of day-to-day work.

Work at a pace that takes bite-size learning outcomes every week that build up into coherent plan for change over the duration of the course.

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What are Strategic Digital Business Partnerships?

Understand the need and where you team fits in delivering technology change

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Get Certified as a Strategic Digital Business Partner

Gain recognition for your accomplishments

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The Five Competencies

Competencies that are specifically tailored to enable Strategic Digital Business Partnerships in your organisation.

  • Relationship Management
  • Earn respect
  • Deal with politics
  • Get your voice heard
  • Understand the real agenda
  •  Plan your influence and persuasion activity

  • Value for Products and Services
  • Focus on customers
  • Identify value (outcome vs output)
  • Measure Value
  • Troubleshoot poor performance
  • Deliver improvement

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Define a strategy
  • Communicate a strategy
  •  Populate ideas on your roadmap with innovation tools
  • Build a roadmap
  • Discuss the impact of change with capability maps

  • Portfolio Management
  • Set up executive decision making
  • Validate and prioritise ideas
  •  Manage requests and delivery expectations
  • Use ROI and Risk decision criteria
  • Balance activity with outcomes
  • Maximise return and reduce risk through project and service delivery
  • Manage technical debt

  • Organisational Change
  • Create a sense of urgency amongst staff 
  • Create a compelling case for strategic partnerships
  •  Think of yourself as a leader
  • Do an impact assessment and create a future vision
  • Define a plan to successfully deliver change
  • Define roles
  • Overcome resistance

6 Nationwide Forums @ 95 Delegates
20 Public Workshops
60 European Corporate Clients
300 Course Attendees
10 Partners

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