The Five Competencies

Competencies that are specifically tailored to enable Strategic Digital Business Partnerships in your organisation.

  • Earn respect
  • Deal with politics
  • Get your voice heard
  • Understand the real agenda
  •  Plan your influence and persuasion activity

  • Focus on customers
  • Identify value (outcome vs output)
  • Measure Value
  • Troubleshoot poor performance
  • Deliver improvement

  • Define a strategy
  • Communicate a strategy
  •  Populate ideas on your roadmap with innovation tools
  • Build a roadmap
  • Discuss the impact of change with capability maps

  • Set up executive decision making
  • Validate and prioritise ideas
  •  Manage requests and delivery expectations
  • Use ROI and Risk decision criteria
  • Balance activity with outcomes
  • Maximise return and reduce risk through project and service delivery
  • Manage technical debt

  • Create a sense of urgency amongst staff 
  • Create a compelling case for strategic partnerships
  •  Think of yourself as a leader
  • Do an impact assessment and create a future vision
  • Define a plan to successfully deliver change
  • Define roles
  • Overcome resistance

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20 Public Workshops
60 European Corporate Clients
300 Course Attendees
10 Partners

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