Discussion with Udemy Subscribers - April

on the latest episode of "Tales From A Portfolio Manager"

Discussion With Udemy Subscribers

An invitation to all subscribers on our Udemy courses to discuss the challenges posed in our "Tales From A Portfolio Manager" series. This will be an interactive session where attendees can share their experiences. For the best experience, do listen to the latest episode before the meeting.

The host will introduce the session and ask a few questions to get the conversation started, which will be shared in the meeting.  Depending on the numbers, we will split the group into smaller meeting rooms with an equal number of people to ensure people can interact and come back together at the end to share their thoughts.

The format will be informal and it will be in english. All are welcome!

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Date & Time

5 April 2023

12:00 13:00 Europe/London

Baxter Thompson Ltd


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