SDBP® Starter Pack - 3 course (SI, VPS and RM) per month access

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    VAT included. Online Subscription is per user. 15-day money-back guarantee for online courses. For non-uk resident tax treatment, please contact us

    Monthly Fee to access Relationship, Value and Strategy Management Course Content  

    The easiest way to familiarise and remind yourself of the tools, tips and techniques that are the basis of the (SDBP®) Foundation Certificate.

    Includes the following modules:

    • Value Proposition

    • Influence

    • Trust

    • Alignment

    • Relationship Management Portfolio

    • Define Benefit

    • Align Outcomes to Activities

    • Measure Outcomes

    • Analyse Root Cause

    • Continuous Improvement.

    • Create a Strategy

    • Communicate a Strategy

    • Innovation

    • Communicate heatmaps and Roadmaps 

    Online Learning

    Learn through video andexercises. Downloads and templates included

    Pay Monthly

    Until you decide to cancel, reviewed yearly.


    Easily referenceable and implementable